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Clubs & Activities

Clubs and Activities

At St Alphege we strive to develop children’s skills and talents, and extra clubs and activities really support this. We celebrate the whole child and listen and respond where possible to their wishes.

As part of each topic children will experience a ‘WOW’ event, which are planned to inspire, motivate and excite. These may involve visitors into classes or assemblies, visits out into the local community and visits to other schools.

We work closely with other schools as part of the Coastal Alliance and by planning together and pooling resources, local children can have enhance educational provision in this way.

School staff all run at least one club over the year, and often more. We also use staff from other local schools or organisations to enhance provision if required.

Clubs run for 6 weeks 4-5 times a year, and parents are asked to support their children with choices.  Some are lunchtime clubs and others are after school.

Performing Arts Club (PAC)

We are committed to Performing Arts, recognising the educational and social benefits for children having the opportunity to express themselves through music, drama and dance.  Children who can perform to an audience gain confidence, building experience, whilst acquiring vocabulary and communication skills.

We offer this opportunity to Year 2 children and the club has evolved over the last couple of years with the children now writing the entire script and the music in collaboration with the staff. The club runs once a week after school, throughout the year and ends with a sell out performance to 180 family and friends at the Playhouse Theatre in Term 6.  

We feel extremely fortunate that our children have the opportunity to perform publicly at The Playhouse Theatre, which is such a well respected local community theatre - and a proper stage!  Our sincere thanks go the volunteers from the Theatre for facilitating our vision; supporting with teaching; amazing sound and visual effects and for always hosting us with a warm welcome and such enthusiasm!

For our pupils who stand on the stage we hope that this will be the start of something bigger as "Any journey is possible once we have learnt our first steps."