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"Loved, Inspired, Shining"


Hello and welcome to Puffins.  If you want to come and visit us you will find us at the top of the school.

In Puffins we are very keen and eager to learn new and exciting things.  We are very good at sharing our ideas and try to work together as much as we can.  We put a lot of effort into all of our lessons but we really love to act, sing and dance to help us get really involved in creating ideas.   We share our work and ideas with each other as much as possible.  We have lots to learn from each other and usually work out what we already know before we start to learn topics.

You just MUST come and see our writing.  We are already using adjectives, nouns, adverbs and adverbial phrases so you will be really impressed with what you see.  Our whole class writing is also displayed which is full of the punctuation we are currently working on.

Like the rest of the school we use a peg system to show everybody how well we are doing.  We really only like to move pegs up to the star or shooting star but, if on the odd occasion they do get moved down we work as a team to model good behaviour and expectations.

Puffins like to set their own charter.  The expectations within the class and the playground have been set by them and them only.  We have all signed to agree to them which has created a classroom led by honesty and trust.

Year 2 children can be part of the school's Performing Arts Club. We write the theme of our play, the songs and learn all the words. Then we perform to all of our grown-ups at The Playhouse theatre in Whitstable. It is an amazing experience!