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"Loved, Inspired, Shining"


We are Seagulls class! We have a warm, happy and colourful classroom full of learning. We try our best and love learning about new things.

Throughout the year we learn incredible new English skills to improve our writing, like using adverbs, conjunctions, adjectives and suffixes. We work on improving our mental maths ability and being fluent with the four operations. We are also improving our reading by answering questions about what we have read and identifying punctuation, nouns, adjectives and verbs within the writing.

Miss Hughes loves teaching us different skills during Art and using different materials, especially glitter!

In Seagulls class we are eager to learn and we are kind and helpful to others. Behaviour like this is rewarded with points and each week someone wins something from Miss Hughes’ pot of treats! We also use the peg system like the rest of the school. We aim to end the day on the star or shooting star for modelling excellent behaviour to the rest of the school. Come and visit us at the top of the school!