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"Loved, Inspired, Shining"

Worship TED Team

Our Worship TED Team is made up of representatives from each class who meet with the Staff Collective Worship Leader on a regular basis. They explore the following key aspects:

  • What is Worship?
  • Different roles in leading Worship.
  • What happens in Collective Worship?
  • Does everyone like to Worship in the same way?
  • Planning Collective Worship.
  • Strategies to lead Collective Worship.

Child led Worship at St Alphege ensures that even our very youngest children are involved in the process of planning, creating and leading the act of Worship.

Our distinctive Christian Vision at St Alphege enables age appropriate response and involvement to this important aspect of our school life.

We capture feedback from all stakeholders to ensure our Worship is responsive, inclusive and creative.

At St Alphege we believe that children are spiritual beings that have the capacity to have profound and deep thoughts. Often their reflections and honest dialogue will inspire both adults and children alike.