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Special Educational Needs & Disability Information

St Alphege CE Infant School and Sunbeams Nursery are proud to be inclusive. Our policy is in line with the Code of Practice and Children and Families Act in 2014. This can  be found on our website. The policy is reviewed annually by both staff and governors.

There is a named Link Governor for Inclusion who works closely with the School Inclusion Leader to monitor and evaluate school systems. Governors receive a very detailed report three times per year which consists of :-

1. Current number of children identified as having Special Educational Needs and any transitions between stages

2. Monitoring of SEND children in respect of progress and attainment

3. Details of class and individual provision maps and any initiatives that have arisen from designation of resources

4. Details of current interventions to support individual or groups of pupils and their impact

5. Details of links made with other agencies eg specialist teaching and learning service and evaluation of any purchased resource or intervention.

Relevant discussions also take place within Full Governing Body meetings (x3 annually)

Information regarding children with any disabilities and provision made for them would be discussed with the Standards Team of governors. 

Governors would be informed of any Service Level Agreements purchased to support pupils with SEN&D via the  Governing Body meetings.

An additional sub group responsible for Health and Safety would also be involved for any preparations for disability and monitoring safety of all children and adults on site.

Our school is a relatively new build with good access facilities. All ground floor classes have direct access to playground and entrances and covered areas for outside learning. There is a lift for access to classrooms and administration rooms on an upper level. The school has toilet facilities with disabled access on both floors and shower provision on lower floor. The school has a purpose built community room offering provision for family outreach work on lower floor and a specialised ICT suite on upper floor. The ICT suite contains resources to support children with common disabilities eg some specially coloured keyboards. The school also has a small sensory room which can used to support children with various needs and is also an enjoyable stimulus for all children in the school.

The school makes good use of specialist teachers and educational psychologist for advice and is proud of its systems of provision mapping and provision of interventions.

The school believes that its most valued resource is its staff and employ an above average number of teaching assistants to support early intervention. The school values CPD and all teaching assistants are proficient in offering a range of interventions. One of our teaching assistants is trained in supporting children with speech, language and communication needs and we also employ a Well-being and Learning Mentor.

The school has a very thorough and effective systems for transition which support all pupils eg meetings with pre-schools and nurseries and area SENCo meetings. There is a comprehensive list of opportunities for children and their families to visit our school and become acquainted with staff, the building and systems. These systems develop early positive links with families of children with special education needs or disability, and allow time for any preparations to be made eg purchase of resources; training; medical or health plans to be devised.

Accessibility is considered for all pupils in respect of the curriculum, which is monitored for inclusion and differentiation. Signage around school is good and the school will offer communication support to families with literacy or English as an Additional Language (EAL) needs. The school employs a Teaching Assistant with British Sign Language (BSL) skills and the staff are utilising this support and other training to include sign within all classrooms and to support singing.

St Alphege CE Infants School and Sunbeams Nursery embrace Inclusivity and have children attending with a range of physical and sensory disabilities in addition to specific learning needs.

On entry to school Parents/Carers are also invited to give details of persons who may enter site to deliver and collect children that may have disabilities or health needs so that we can ensure access and be aware of any needs they may require whilst on site.

Staff, are also asked annually to declare any disabilities or Health Needs so that we can ensure we comply with our duty of care to staff.

The school Governors are aware of and respond to the relevant Disability Discrimination and Equality Acts and have a plan for Single Equality Scheme (within School Development Plan) which is monitored by a group, which includes School Inclusion Manager; Named Governor for Inclusion and other interested Governors and Parents.

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