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Ted Team


TED Team

Our School Council has a new name and new look!!!!

The new academic year has seen the re-branding of our School Council.  Our council is now called T.E.D team.  T.E.D. is an acronym for ‘Together Everyone Decides’.  Our new name emphasises the importance of their role in gathering ideas from their peers on what needs improving in the school, including the way things are run and organised.   By ensuring the children’s ideas and thoughts model the ways we do things in school, gives us to best opportunity to make their time here valuable and happy.

We have two TEDS from each class in year 1 and 2 and next term will also see the reception classes nominate two class TED reps for each class.  There is a special TED team board in the reception area of the school which details who is in the TED team, as well as details of what the team have been involved in, as well as future activities they will be asked to contribute to.  Here are a few words from the TED team…..

“This term we have been very busy designing our new TED team logo for our badges.  We will soon be wearing the badges, so everyone in our class knows who we are and so they can come to us to share ideas or if they need help too.   We have also given ideas to Mrs Linney about the clubs we would like the teachers to run and she has shared this at one of their meetings.  We now have a new running club and maybe some new clubs too starting later in the year.   We have also presented ideas on what we would like changed in the school and presented these ideas to the Friends of the School.  We have been so busy!

Our TED team representatives were voted in by their class peers and will change each year.  Sometimes additional children are needed to support the work of the team and therefore opportunities for others to make contributions will be available.   If you would like further information about the TED Team’s role and responsibilities, please speak to Mrs Rogers (Shells Class Teacher).