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Our Curriculum Plans

At St Alphege we follow a bespoke curriculum underpinned by the ABC core skills; Active learning, Basic skills and Creative thinking. The skills are partnered with the Characteristics of effective learning and built on throughout our foundation subjects from Reception up to Year 2. Our whole school approach means that each year group has the same Termly overarching theme in which the progression of skills is at its core.

Terms 1 & 2 have a Geography focus, which will develop skills such as;

  • enquiry
  • making comparisons
  • identification and fieldwork skills
  • showing empathy
  • making observations

Terms 3 & 4 have a history focus, which will develop skills such as;

  • planning and researching
  • analysing and evaluating
  • supporting conclusions
  • seeing things from different perspectives

Terms 5 & 6 will have an art and DT focus, which will develop skills such as;

  • problem solving
  • adapting ideas
  • working towards a goal
  • showing resilience
  • organisation


The workshops below will talk you through the curriculum for Maths and Phonics and explain how these are taught in school. They will also give you ideas to support your child’s learning at home.

Phonics Workshops from Little Wandle for children in Reception and Year 1

How we teach blending:

How we teach tricky words:

A quick guide to “alien words”:

Reading, Phonics & GPS

Please click on the presentation for a guide to how we teach reading, phonics and GPS from year R to 2.

Parent Guide for Reading, Phonics & GPS

Maths Workshops

Maths Parent Workshop - Reception:

Maths Parent Workshop - Years 1 and 2: